Karthik Ram

Data Scientist & Ecologist
UC Berkeley

Howdy, I'm Karthik

I'm a data science fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science at Berkeley UC Berkeley and an research scientist at the Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology.

I graduated with a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from UC Davis and have since held postdoc positions at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley. I'm an active member in the open science and reproducible research community and contribute to various projects including Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry. I occasionally blog at Inundata.

Current projects

I work full-time on a collaborative project that aims to lower barriers to accessing scientific data and making research more reproducible. My team and I develop various open source software, run workshops, and publish our work in various venues. My efforts are funded by various grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. You can read more about the project at → ropensci.org, or look through slides from a recent talk.

Berkeley Institute for Data Science
I'm currently a data science fellow at the newly created Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

Other projects In addition to these projects, I also work on a handful of other ecology problems (details forthcoming).

Get in touch

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